clip in hair extensions melbourne
hair extensions melbourne

it’s a Rastafarian belief that knotted hair prevents energy from escaping through the top of the head and hair, allowing it to remain in the body and aid in the strength of mind, body, and spirit. while many people have been dread locking their hair, we at CitiHair have got the talent to create very thin dreads that are almost invisible, sister-Locks is trending, you get your hair in locks that are tinny and neat, which makes it easy to have a style that is unique and offers versatility in styling and absolutely looks professional.
sister locks are thin locks that are about half the size of traditional locks. They are created using a trademarked locking technique that does not require the use of any hair care products.
Unlike dreadlocks, sister locks do not require the use of hair gels and waxes. Sister locks are intended to be a permanent hairstyle, but can be removed with a lot of work.
One of the biggest differences between Sister locks and traditional dreadlocks is the time it takes to get the hairstyle. … Traditional dreadlocks are cultivated over a period of time, requiring twisting of the hair’s roots as the hair grows. sister locks takes longer and labour intensive.
Installations are broken up into 2 – 3 day increments. Your installation is the 1st and only time you will sit that long for Sister locks services because unlike extensions, the hair does not have to be taken down – only the new growth is retighten and that usually takes anywhere from 3-5 hours each 4 – 6 weeks. come for consultation to get familiar with the method before booking the appointment.


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