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What a great way to update your look without making any permanent changes. Remy Clip-In Extensions are made from 100% Remy Human Hair. This means that the extensions can be cut, colored, and styled any way you choose. Set is packed in with 7 or 11 pieces. Whether it is a wedding, prom, or a party that you need to look perfect for, hair extensions are the best way to add volume and length to any style.

Clip-in Remi is an affordable clip in extension. Our bestseller every year! Lasting you up to 2 years with proper care. With a wide range of colour selections available, makes it easy to match any shade and suitable to enhance any style. Use either one pack or two packs for a more thicker option, use one pack for quick volume or adding highlights. Versatile, endless ways you can manipulate the clip pieces. Clip In extensions are a great quick fix for volume or length! Does not weigh down the hair.

With clip-ins you can add volume and length to your hair without commitment. You can install it yourself when you want it and remove it at night before you go to sleep. The clip-in hair extension is the easiest of all systems to apply and remove.

Below is a list of the different types of clip-ins:

One piece extension
clippingOne piece extension systems are simple to attach and offer an instant hairstyle in a snap. 1 piece systems come in a variety of lengths. One piece Clip in is quick and easy, adds more volume for those with long hair with thinning ends. They can also be used as pony tail extensions. We stock them in both texture from straight, wavy and curly.



Two Piece Extensions

Two piece extension systems generally consist of 1 wider piece which clips in high and 1 smaller piece that clips in at the nape. Similar to the 1 piece system, they are easy to apply and perfect for beginners. We custom make these types to suit your needs.

Five Piece and Eleven Piece Extension

Five piece and eleven piece systems come with varying widths of wefted hair that are positioned from smallest to largest working from the bottom. Multi piece systems offer the most styling versatility. Application takes some practice. Perfect if you have some experience with clip in hair extensions. We can show you how to do it!

Halo or Flip-In Hair Extensions (NOW AVAILABLE IN STORE)


Clip-in hair extensions are useful to add length and volume without waiting for your hair to grow out, add highlights by choosing a lighter colour without bleaching your own hair, and even add bangs and fringe without a haircut. Enhance your own hair with a set of clip-in extensions today. Just clip-in and go.

We customise clip in extensions to suit your hair colour and fashion trend.Choose Length, colour, volume and leave the rest to us.

We measure the clips with your head circumference and cut the clips according to the shape and position of where you wish to clip the hair, How awesome is that.

Price starts from $99 to $399



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