Dreadlocks interlocking and crochet dreadlocks give you a choice of styles for your dreadlocks. With CitiHair, the specialist services in the art of creating dreadlocks.

Get a professional finish that can be styled

At CitiHair our dreadlock hairdressers are African. Whether you get dreadlocks interlocking or crocheted. They are created using authentic African techniques.

Crocheting DreadsThis method applies the use of small crochet hook to work on dreadlocks. There are a lot of tools that can be used vary in size and in shape. The techniques used vary too. We professionally perform the method to lock dreads from scratch to finish without needed to use glue or wax. The method is longer but achieves best results in locking dreads than the rest. It does not damage the hair but it could be painful to people who are too sensitive.

If what you want to do is improve the way your dreads look, tidy them up, thin them down, or making them stronger then Crocheting method is suitable for you.

As soon as we learned about crocheting dreadlocks I started testing and experimenting with different hooks, varying in sizes, the more we go into it we became quicker and able to hook the hair much easier and misplaced the whole idea of wax and glue application.

Crocheting dreads is perfect for all hair types and texture, with an application of both backcombing and interlocking dreads will never be better than this. We are very quick with the method and have mastered the less painful technique to those who are sensitive as well. An average head full of dreads for retouch will consume anywhere from 2 hours to 4hrs and for starting from scratch it will be maximum for 7 hours.

This method is perfect for adding extensions as well as human or synthetic, We custom make different colours to suit individual needs and make sure your dreadlocks experience is pleasant with perfection

Custom designed for crocheting dreadlocks the Lock Sculpta is unmatched; It’s safer for your dreads than any other crochet hook and at the same time more effective. In fact, we Guarantee both of these claims.

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This is a popular method for tightening up the loops on mature dreads. We use this method for clients who are sensitive and for those in need of a quick fix, it is quick and requires fewer tools. Basically, interlocking is intertwining the roots of the dreads to make them tight and secure, we do them in a way that they don’t have a hole in the middle.

Gel/wax Palm Rolling

This method is suitable for coarse textured hair, palm rolling helps to secure the roots of the dreads by palm rolling them using wax go gel, the application if quick and effective. The down part to it, it takes longer for the dreads to form.

Dreads WrappingDreads wrapping is funky trendy of adding colourful hair wrapping thread onto the hair, it is used as a decorative way to add highlights onto dreads.

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