Citihair Extensions is the leading specialist in professional installations of human hair extensions. Our salon is conveniently located in North Melbourne ; 10 minutes drive from Melbourne central.

We pride ourselves on providing Superior European luxury hand tied wefts hair extensions that are 100% Remi Hair — with all cuticles aligned in the same direction. Our hand tied wefts extensions are less bulky, less visible, very light in weight and the texture is suitable for everyone, making it the best quality hair extensions product in the market, but most importantly it is affordable.

We cater for all hair types, regardless how thick or thin. We work with people experiencing different stages of hair loss and Alopecia, and offer ongoing support on how to maintain your new look at no extra charge. We offer the latest method Micro horizontal Installation, it is quick and easy to maintain.

We offer other methods of hair extensions installation such as Clip-ins, Tapes, Micro Beads, Fusion bond. Other services includes; Hair styling, cuts/colours, dreadlocks, dreadlocks extensions, African hair braiding, African cornrows braiding, hair twisting and more.


Our popular method is the micro weft installation using top quality Hand woven wefts. We specialise in this particular method due to its flexibility and convenience it has for our clients in terms of washing, styling, and comfort post installation. We provide many different ways of placing the beads alongside our clients hair according to how comfortable it feels, client’s scalp condition and hair texture. This method has been proven to be 100% better to our clients. Hand Tied wefts are less bulky and not as visible as machine wefts,Top Quality Remi Hair is used. The hair has cuticle aligned in the same direction, offers easy manageability and no tangling and no shedding.  More about our hair…

Other popular methods are Micro Beads, Micro Links, Keratin Fusion, Tape-in, Braided in Weft Extensions, Braid-Less Hair Extensions, Brazilian Knot Extensions and Top Volumiser Installation. Check our services and price list.



At Citihair Extensions, we carry out strict product testings on the products which we use and sell. Our hair products are not just of good quality but will also sustain the endurance of washing, colouring and straightening. All of the wefts, Clip-Ins, Nail-Tip and I-tip last over 2 years with proper care. Check out our online storecall or visit us at our salon for more product information and recommendation.


It is made from only the most healthy, youthful human hair, using breakthrough processes which insure that all cuticles face the same direction. This unique process preserves the protective outer layers of the hair and results in a more natural look and smoother feel. And because it is created with such care, it retains its natural lustre much more longer than ordinary human hair. REMI hair products are designed to be lightweight and easy to apply. Superb softness, shine, and durability. You’ll find REMI hair to be easy to manage and longer lasting. You’ll like the thin lightweight wefts which are hand made!

Remi can be: permed, dyed, curled, flat-ironed and blow-dried — and still maintained its soft texture!

Some of the qualities of this hair are: true uni-directional cuticle Remi Hair, minimally-processed hair, and special weft technique (thin, double weft with no shedding) therefore the hair last longer than other human hair products out there.

Mongolian Hair, Russian and Brazilian Hair are amongst our popular hair extensions available at our store

We also stock post installation hair care products that are 100% Australian made and 100% vegan.

For every new client having their first installation, we offer 50% off the price of after care kit! (Valued at over $89). Check out our other specials and promotions.


We strive to provide the best service and use the highest quality products for our clients. If you are satisfied with our services or have any suggestions on how we can improve please let us know. Please do not hesitate to contact us via email, by phone or in person!


For more information of our products and services, and to make appointments, please call 03 9077 7676 Dismiss