Toupee Installation

It is hair piece worn by mostly men to cover the exposed scalp. The desire to wear hairpieces is caused in part by a long-standing bias against balding that crosses cultures, dating to at least 3100 BC. Toupée manufacturers’ financial results indicate that toupée use is in overall decline, due in part to alternative methods for dealing with baldness, and to greater cultural acceptance of the condition as well.

Men Toupee minWhile most toupées are small and designed to cover bald spots at the top and back of the head, large toupées are not unknown.

Toupées are often referred to as hairpieces, units, or hair systems. Many women now wear hairpieces rather than full wigs if their hair loss is confined to the top and crown of their head.

To some existence, toupee which made of human hair will last long than toupee made of synthetic hair due to of course th quality of the hair. At Citi Hair we offer highest quality toupee custom made orders that are 100% human hair.

A good quality, human hair toupee is undetectable and very realistic. It comes with hair line that fits in well with client own scalp. The partings are made to look real; the hairline looks great and they sit well on the head. However,

How to Attach

We do this at our salon as well as can train our clients on how to do it themselves. Using special Tape.

How to Wash

Our general rule is to do it only when you need it (or 1-2 times per week at most). Any more and you risk drying out the hair or causing tangles. The best is to wash during showers, wash gently with gentle pressing, rinse it out and thorough drying of the piece.

Difference Between Hair Toupee and wig

The basic difference of a toupee and the wig is found in the pattern of covering the area. The toupees are generally small in size and are mainly used for covering the partial baldness in men. On the other hand, the wig covers all the existing hair along with the bald What is Hair System?

The ‘system‘ was a process of several steps incorporating: scalp preparation, hair system fitting, styling and maintaining. It was a system of maintaining the appearance of a head of hair. And the term has remained in the lexicon of hair loss solutions ever since.

Can you shower with a hair system?

It’s okay! Occasionally showering with your hair system won’t do any harm, and we happen to have some handy advice to keep your hairpiece squeaky clean in a safe way. So, can you clean your hair system in the shower?

What holds a toupee on?

Generally, toupee tape is double-sided, which allows one side to stick to the toupee and the other to stick to your exposed scalp

How long can you wear a wig without taking it off?

Remove your wig after Six Weeks: You might be trying to keep wearing it until your next pay check, but yes, lace frontal wigs have an expiration date too! Six weeks it’s just a guideline, but the maximum length of time you can wear a lace front depends on the type of adhesive you use

Hair Toppers for Thinning Hair

Whatever the reason for your hair thinning, know that it is much more common that you think! You don’t see it because others hide their patches or thinning well – just like you do.

Approximately one third of our clientele see us for hair thinning.

We know how sensitive and often traumatic hair loss is – we have it ourselves.

We know that hair loss, thinning, patches can change your life – be detrimental to your participation in life.  We have clients who have stopped going out, stopped seeing friends and even have stopped working because they feel so embarrassed by their hair loss and feel there is no solution.

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