Here are some of the most asked questions by our clients. If your questions are not in here, should you require further explanations, please contact us directly in person, by phone or via email.

1. What are hair extensions?
Additional hair (human or synthetic) hair pieces installed onto your own hair by means of weaving, braiding strand by strand, or bonding. It is normally applied by a skilled hair technician in a salon, but many individuals have been applying it in the convenience of their own home. Hair extensions can make you look and feel younger and beautiful. With instant long and luscious hair that you can wear on a regular basis, sleep with, wash and care for like your own hair. You can also cut and style your hair extensions to fit your look.
2. What is Remy Hair?

A type of hair extension product where all the cuticles are facing in the same direction. This is what prevents the hair from tangling and shedding. Remy hair is one of the highest qualities on the market, thus it is one of the most expensive. Full cuticle layer of the hair is intact, which is what makes it last longer and look more lustrous wash after wash. The term is being heavily abused in the market, but at Citihair Extensions, we stand by our quality and guarantee that the products are as advertised.

3. What is a weft?

Strands of hair which have been sewn along one edge to create a line of hair.

4. What are Hand Tied Wefts?

Hand tied means the wefts have been pre-cut to approximately 10 inch pieces and have been sewn by hand to make the smallest wefting possible for the most invisible look. Pieces should not be cut or they will unravel. The smallness of the hand tied weft is great for weaving. Hand tied hair can be cut from the weft to use for fusions. On the other hand, regular weft is when the hair is not cut into pieces but is one continuous weft that can be cut. The weft is slightly larger than the hand tied. Tips: to help against shedding after you cut the weft, add some bonding glue on the edges.

5. How many pieces are in Hand Tied Wefts?

Hair is measured by the ¼ pound. These pieces (approximately 10 inches) are hand sewn so the amount of hair in each piece can differ. How many pieces you receive also depends on the length you choose. You will get more pieces with 14-inch hair than you would 22-inch hair.

6. Do braids break off hair?

Any technique performed poorly will damage hair, including chemical services. The condition of your natural hair is also a factor in whether your hair is strong enough to be braided. At Citihair we do an assesment prior to deciding which method is suitable for you.

7. Are braids supposed to be tight so they can last longer?

We apply the amount of tension considered to be the industry standard.

8. Will my hair grow if I have braids/extensions?

Yes, your hair will continue to grow no matter what style of braids or extensions you choose. We will show you how to maintain your style for healthy hair and scalp.

9. Can I get braids or extensions if my hair is damaged?

We can help even if you have no hair in some places. There are other options such as Micro wefts, etc. If you look after your hair as we recommend, your hair will grow like you’ve never experienced before.

10. What’s the price range for braided-in extensions?

Our prices range from AU$100 and above, there really is no limit. The price depends on various factors including natural hair length and how intricate the work is. In order to give you an accurate price quote we need you to come in for a consultation and then we can provide you with a FREE quote. Our extensions feel and look real at any length, type, or texture of hair.

11. How do I remove extensions?

We recommend that you see us to remove your extensions to ensure no hair damage occurs during this process. Even though we don’t use glue in our professional bonding techniques, removing extensions properly requires some skills and taking care. We can provide removal instructions on request.

12. Do I have to provide the extension hair needed?

Citihair can provide the hair needed. You are not required to visit the beauty supply store.

13. Do I need to shampoo my hair before my appointment?

Yes you have to wash your hair before you get it braided.

14. How much do you charge for consultations?

A consultation appointment is FREE. During the consultation, you will be able to review photos and other examples of our work and describe in more detail the look you desire. We will also be able to analyze the condition of your hair and give you a price quote.

15. What are your opening hours?

We are open 5 days a week, Tuesday and Wednesday 10am – 6pm, Thursday and Friday 10am – 9pm, Saturday 10am – 6pm. Outside of these hours is BY APPOINTMENTS ONLY and there’s a $50 surcharge.

16. How long do hair extensions last?

It depends on how fast your own hair grows as well as the method you choose. Generally the length of time is 2 – 6 months depending on the extension method. If you follow the care instructions, it should last you at least a minimum of 3 months. It can last up to 6 months depending on two factors: (1) how well you take care of it and have maintenance done on it. (2) How fast your hair grows.

17. How do I maintain my hair extensions?

You have a choice on how to maintain your new look. You may come to back to us for maintenance every six-eight weeks. Maintenance involves a monthly visit in where we tighten up sections of your extensions each. We will be also able to advise you if we see an issue arising with your hair care. Maintenance is recommended in most cases but the choice is always up to you.

18. I’ve removed my extensions and noticed some breakage. After I combed and brushed my hair, I noticed that when I shampooed there were signs of residue still present. What do I do?

There is dead and matted hair trapped inside of each section where a braid was present, which causes breakage when you try to comb through it. To prevent this, use a detangling spray several days in advance to start breaking down the build-up on the hair. When trying to comb through your hair, make sure you hold the hair at the root, then gently and gradually comb through it starting at the ends first.

19. How do I return my purchases?

You must contact us first at within the 7 day Day Return Period. All items must be shipped back unopened in its original packaging and the packaging must not be damaged in any way or a return will not be issued. We will then provide you with our return address. Opened merchandise will not be refunded.

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