18″ to 24″‘ for a full head, 120gm of Remy Human Hair extensions
Tape extensions are small strips of hair with adhesive tape on one side. It is also called sticker hair. In general they are applied using two strips that are taped to each other with your own hair in between. There are methods that use one strip that is attached to your hair close to the scalp as well.

We use 100% Remy hair to bond with client’s natural hair using pre-taped double sided hair extensions. It is suitable for less oily hair, medium dry, thicker to thinner hair. It is not suitable for extra short/thin and extra dry, chemically over-processed hair. Depending on lifestyle as well, less busier you are better for tapes, Tapes do not stay when vigorously put through too much activities such as extreme sporty and so fourth. Extra heat exposure and moist would get them moving quite fast.
We use Remi Hair, no skinny ends, durable tapes to last you up to 3 Applications, we offer flexibility in Colours to suit everyone.


6b3271_9cc5dc288eb34f6a9096b577596eab7cTapes are advantageous because of easy installation and re-installation (30-45 mins), less pressure on scalp
light in weight, and less visible.

The strips are thin and flat, not hard and bulky, in which one can rarely feel them. Another benefit of using this method is that they are extremely durable (2-3 months) as well as reusable!
Allow us to give you natural human hair extensions you need to achieve your desired look! We guarantee this method will not damage your own hair when you follow our after care recommendations and follow-up with regular visits.

Suitable for less oily, medium dry, thicker to thinner hair. Not suitable for extra short/thin and extra dry or overly chemically processed hair.


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