Weaves are good for medium to thick hair. Weaves instantly add lots of volume and length. There are a variety of colours, lengths, and hair types (curly, wavy, straight) to choose from. Weaves that are hand made provides better flexibility into adding more hair without the feel of extra weight.

Extensions shed just like our natural hair. However, for wefts extensions; they do shed slightly more if not cared for properly. The good news is, hand made wefts have reduced this problem to about 95%. Wefts can be reused over and over again until they are worn out and consequently, a new row will need to be replaced or simply add more rows on top of old ones. 5 rows of hand tied wefts are equivalent to 2 rows of machine wefts, that is a lot of weight reduction. NOW AVAILABLE AT OUR STORE 0390777676

Braided In Wefts Extensions

hair-and-method4A person’s real hair is cornrowed and the wefted hair is attached to the braids using weaving thread. This style can last up to 12 weeks with proper care and maintenance. Another advantage is that the real hair is protected from styling, manipulation, and the environment thus facilitating growth and length retention.
Thin tracks of hair are made and Sewn-In flatly across the scalp from left to right. Clients own hair is then left loose in between the tracks, creating a natural look. This method leaves clients hair looking really flawless.

Weaves are good for medium to thick hair. Weaves instantly add lots of volume and length. There are a variety of colours, lengths, and hair types (curly, wavy, straight) to choose from. Weaves that are hand made provides better flexibility into adding more hair without the feel of extra weight.

Micro Horizontal Wefts Hair Extensions WEFT

micro weftMicro weaving is the most popular method of permanent extensions. This method applies both weave extensions and micro ring extensions. It has lower maintenance and easy application, remove and most importantly, to wear. Our clients are very happy with this method. It is much better for people with sensitive scalp and those experiencing hair loss and baldness in certain areas of their scalp.
Micro horizontal weaving allows you to have the most volume of hair you can; perfect when hand tied wefts are used. Every row is flat and attached to your natural hair with the tiny micro rings. It is easy to maintain, wash, brush and most definitely healthier for your scalp as it doesn’t involve much pulling. Micro weaves extensions involves minimum number of bonds and less hair involved into joining extensions, this provides minimum usage of clients natural hair thus leaving your own to breath and grow undisturbed while experiencing the fuller look of extra hair extensions in.

Micro weave takes the fastest time to install and remove. Every 6-12 weeks, you will need to come back for maintenance. The costs to get maintenance done and charges varies depending on how many rows of extensions you initially had installed. This information will be available upon the consultation stage. They are easy to remove and retighten.

Full Braided In Wefts Extensions

2015-06-Black-Curly-950x950The track extensions are the ones most people know about, and the most common extension method for Afro hair used for over hundreds of years. This method is suitable for all hair types and texture. The client’s hair is cornrowed in a natural growth pattern. Clients natural hair can be left to around the face and nape area or not at all. We choose a braiding pattern based on the client’s head and the desired style. We may or may not add a net on top of the braids that will function as a base for the extensions so that they are sewn to the netting instead of directly to the client’s braids. It is done correctly to make sure your hair underneath grows well while enjoying your new extensions, this is one of the safest methods of attaching hair extensions. Depending on clients hair we always recommend to keep the hair for three months or more. It is a great way to change your overall look from straight hair to curly hair or vice versa, from brunette to blonde, basically you can obtain any look of your imagination by using this method.

Cornrow Braiding Extensions

yasmin-le-bon-younger-hairExtensions are added using cornrow method from top of the head to the bottom, no need of sewing, simply adding extensions hair with a continuous cornrowing. It is faster and very practical way of adding highlights to clients natural existing hair.

Crocheting Weave-On

curly Hair1We use this method to add extensions quickly without the need of sewing the hair, special hook is used to add hair onto clients own natural hair. The method is suitable for all texture types, offers more flexibility in maintenance than the full braided option. Easy to wash between the scalp. Much secure and quick to install.

Tree braiding

We use bulk hair braided directly into the client’s own hair via an individual or cornrow braid. The weave hair is braided down to hide away the client’s own hair and the rest of the hair is left free. Most of our clients like it because it allows more versatility than a fully cornrowed base.


Micro braids extensions

We use own clients hair in combination with bulk hair. This method is more natural and replaces the micro beads and fusion methods for those who don’t prefer the two. It is simple as only clients hair and extensions are used. Offers more flexibility and easy to maintain. Takes longer to install and last longer too.

Top of Crown protection or closure


We offer diverse range of human hair Closures to top off your crown, or serve as protective. Add more volume to your fringe in an instant. We also add crown volumiser for those experiencing hair loss or have Alopecia on top their crown area. Prices start from $180.00 up to $1000. They can be use as clip-ins or attached clients natural Hair.

The price is based on: size of Top Volumiser, base of Top Volumiser, length and texture of hair, virgin or processed, and if it requires custom colour.


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