Human Hair Wefts Extensions Melbourne

29% OFF Human Hair Extensions Melbourne, 18Inch inch Remy Human Hair Extensions full installed for only $249 (RRP $350). Offer valid to new clients only. Offer expires in 30/09 2012.


  • Why people add more hair?
    It is either their own hair does not grow at all, slower, thiner, shorter, or would like to have different colours without causing damage to their own and so forth.

    Judith Medukenya 02.04.2012
  • Hair Extensions by weaving method.
    This the method has been used for so many years, the best about it is, it is natural, no glue/no wax involved, Finished hair is evenly beautifully balanced to give volume/Length to clients as supposed to other methods. Layers of wefts can be either 1-5 lines depending on shape of the clients head and how much extra hair the clients would require.

    Judith Medukenya 10.04.2012
  • CitiHair Extensions attaches great importance to the choice of its hair.Do not be deceived about European Hair, Lets face it who donates hair in massive quantity from Europe, absolutely impossible, Indian Hair and Chines are the best, with Strong cuticles and thickest of strands to withstand all chemical Harshness. Specially trained CitiHair representatives selects the colour to match with your real hair. This hair is made from black human hair, which comes primarily from India/China and the bordering countries. This black hair is purchased from wholesalers. This hair is re-arranged so that that all hairs point in the same direction (root and end), refereed as Remy Hair
    After that the black hair is gently lightened in a time-consuming osmosis process, and then colored to match the different colors of the natural hair spectrum.You can choose from the 10 different hair colours for weaves, and other colours are available upon request.This hair is suitable for a wearing period of 4 to 6 months.

    Judith Medukenya 18.04.2012
  • After researching the subject of “Hair Extensions” for over 10 years now, I have discovered that with regard to professional “Hair Extensions,” not all methods are created equal. Every individual is different to what method would suit their hair type and head shape.Be careful by certain hair extension methods that promise too much for too little. On the other hand, just because someone charges a lot of money for hair extensions, that doesn’t mean it is the best method. Look for the professional hair extension expert that only does extensions and has several methods to choose from. Your styist will be willing to explain all of the advantages and disadvantages of each respective method. There should be no mystery about the facts concerning hair extensions. Every hair extension method has its good points and bad points. When trying to determine which hair extension method is best for you, please consider not damaging your hair.Choose the best hair extension method suitable for your hair type. Your new hair extensions should be comfortable, reliable, safe, lightweight and easy to remove and maintain. Most of my clients have tried so many methods which did not result in what they wanted, After trying the Sew-in wefts, they were very happy and would never go back to any other, WHY? it is more natural and practical, easy to install/ Hair distribution is even.

    Judith Medukenya 18.04.2012
  • other popular methods Citihair offers are.
    Fusion Bonding
    Pinch Braiding
    Pick n Drop

    Judith Medukenya 18.04.2012

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