CitiHair Extensions

Human Hair Extensions are a great way of increasing the length and volume of your Hair. There are so many ways of achieving this, mostly importantly is how comfortable our clients are. We do have different methods of Installation. Since everyone has different Hair texture we have managed to collect the best Hair matches with both textured hair types. Our Hair is 100% Remy with no skinny ends, it is more thicker than standard of other places by 120gm.

The Hair comes straight from Indian Temples where it is collected and processed. Indian Hair is stronger and durable, most people who grow the hair around that part of the world do not colour treat their hair or over process it with harsh chemicals therefore the hair comes to us as in its virgin stage; meaning it has not been damaged at all. Our hair last our clients for over 1 – 2 years with proper care.

Hand Tied wefts are more thin and durable, no shading or Tangle at all times. Machines wefts are also available mainly for those with thicker Hair and on budget.

We have wide range of colours for both Micro Wefts, Micro Beads, Tapr-in Extensions, Braidless Weaves, Brazilian Knot Extensions, Clip In Hair Extensions, Fusion Hair Extensions and so Fourth.

Come along and feel the Hair!

We do Dread Locks using a crotcheting Method, you have a choice of using the Hook or simply Interlocking your dreads, Palm Rolling dreads is another option. No Glue No Wax is preferred or even recommended to our clients.

Hair Braiding is another Style we normally provide at our salon, synthetic Hair is used for braids as well as Human hair Extensions. Braiding your Hair is a form of proving protection from harshness of straighten and over processing your natural Hair. When the hair is braided; it is kept secure and more moisture retention thus keeping more lustre onto your natural Hair and provide more growth to it.

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