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Sew-In Wefts Extensions with Cornrow Braided Hair

How we install Sew-In Wefts extensions in your hair A simple cornrow braid is created using clients hair from ear to ear, joined in the middle. Then a weft hair extension is sew-in into the cornrow. This method provides more security to the attached hair extensions. With benefits of protected hair growth underneath. Suitable for many. This method of installing hair extensions is preferred by those wanting to grow their natural hair long. Sew-in wefts hair extensions are not good for people with

CitiHair Extensions Clients

Human Hair Extensions gives versatility to our clients for styling and managing their Hair. Clients are particularly happy with the benefits of the Hair extensions, we get common reason as to why they prefer Human hair extensions; ranging from hair that wont grow/thinner/weak/ and so fourth. Best way to enjoy Hair Extensions is by making sure you follow all instructions and use the right products. Highly recommend products that are organic with no protein base, sulphates/Parabens and petrol Chemicals. Most

CitiHair Extensions

Human Hair Extensions are a great way of increasing the length and volume of your Hair. There are so many ways of achieving this, mostly importantly is how comfortable our clients are. We do have different methods of Installation. Since everyone has different Hair texture we have managed to collect the best Hair matches with both textured hair types. Our Hair is 100% Remy with no skinny ends, it is more thicker than standard of other places by 120gm. The Hair

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